5 Reasons Why Beach Is Best When It Comes To Child-Friendly Holidays

Many people have fond memories of a childhood spent under the sun, on the sand and in and out of the ocean – beach trips were the best part of any summer holiday. Why? Because the beach offers children so much. Below, 5 reasons why beach is best when it comes to entertaining children and making sure they have a holiday filled with fun and memories:

  1. New environment, new experiences: Many children spend large amounts of time in one place, often indoors. A visit to the beach with responsible adults in tow can open them up to wide variety of new experiences, including sounds, smells and textures. From grainy sand to the salty rock pools, the beach offers children a new environment in which to play and learn. Research shows that new sensory experiences can stimulate a child’s development, improve their motor skills and expand their understanding of the world around them. And the best part? The natural world, the world of the beach, is free!
  1. Five Reasons Why Beach Is Best When It Comes To Child-Friendly Holidays.A breath of fresh air and a burst of sunshine: Being on the beach means children breathe in fresh, salty air and get some sun. The air can work wonders for sinus and skin issues, such as stuffy noses and eczema. The natural humidity on the beach can also help hydrate blocked nasal passages as well as restoring a feeling of calm and well-being. With the proper sun care, exposure to limited sunlight can help the body produce essential vitamin D that can boost a child’s immune system and keep their nervous system functioning properly.
  1. Sand is a wonderful thing: Children have been playing in the sand for generations and where better to find heaps of it than on a beach. Sand can be poured, dug into and sculpted – all fun activities that encourage creativity and imagination. Like playing with water, playing with sand can be both soothing and entertaining. And there’s no right way to play with it! From sitting down and just touching it to using it to build a sandcastle, sand allows children of all ages and development stages hours of fun while developing their motor skills and building their muscles. The best part? Children get so involved in the play element that they don’t notice all the physical effort it takes to scoop, squat, pat, and build. On the beach, they have fun and get fitter and healthier in the process.
  1. Seaside is sleep side: One of the major elements of any beach holiday is the ocean. While it always needs to be treated with respect and caution, it is an amazing sight for children to behold. Not only are the crashing waves beautiful to look at, they create a soothing white noise that works to make us sleep better. Sleep is essential for a healthy life and this is particularly true for young children.
  1. Free to be children: With the proper adult supervision and care, the beach can be the perfect place for children to run ‘free’, play with friends, laugh, shout and move. Many adults don’t think about the fact that today’s children experience high levels of pressure and stress, at home and at school. They are often trapped in daily routines and many children take on family responsibilities far beyond their years. A beach holiday is the ultimate child-friendly escape where children can express and enjoy themselves on large stretches of sand, without the burdens that often come with their daily lives.

Think about it – At the Mercury Hibberdene Children’s Holiday Home, a simple donation can help an underprivileged child to enjoy a much-needed break as well as some quality play time on the beautiful Hibberdene beach. What a wonderful gift to give a child!