Give To Gain – Our Top Reasons To Help Those Less Fortunate.

The Mercury Hibberdene Children’s Holiday Home (MHCHH) is about giving back to the most vulnerable members of our society – needy children. For over 80 years, it has given these children a seaside holiday, free from the challenges of their daily lives. It is a project that speaks to the heart of what it is to be human – to care for others.

Children Smiling and Happy

Giving to a charitable cause is good for everyone involved. Because the truth is that when you give (your time, your expertise, your possessions etc.) to those less fortunate than yourself, you are richly rewarded. Here are our top reasons for giving:

  1. Being part of a community: No person is an island. We are all part of a community and when members of that community are suffering, we will all suffer in the end as well. Whether you lend a helping hand at a local charity event, clean up the park near your house, or donate provisions to those in need, engaging in your community is guaranteed to give you purpose and enrich your life.

AT the Mercury Hibberdene Children’s Holiday Home, our staff invest their time, energy, and expertise into the children who visit the home, with the aim of building a better community. Supported by social workers and teachers in training, youth worker Sherlock Sithole develops holiday programmes for these children, explaining that the home offers “the most beautiful, peaceful place for children to forget the humdrum of their lives for a while. They respond so well to our programmes in this environment and they have such fun while they learn.”

  1. Making a real difference: The world is full of hardship and it’s easy to get bogged down in the negative situations we see around us. But feeling bad or moaning about what we think is wrong with the world doesn’t achieve anything. When you give of your time or donate much-needed resources to those in need, you can change their world for the better.

At the Mercury Hibberdene Children’s Holiday Home, we offer children experiences far outside their usual interactions with the world, whether it’s as simple as not having to worry about where their next meal is coming from or as special as seeing the ocean for the first time.

The home’s holiday camp programmes are adapted to different age groups and include exercises in leadership, team building, environmental studies, design and technology, survivor camps, and sports. They are designed to show children the world in a different way, to let them see that there are life options beyond their current way of living.

  1. Finding new connections: Giving to a charitable cause is bound to bring you into contact with people who you would probably never have connected with in your daily life. This applies to both the people being helped and the volunteers. Giving back will give you many opportunities to experience empathy and care for those you don’t know and also form bonds with new friends who have a shared interest. Connecting and socialising with others is a key human experience and learning about the world from someone with a different experience to yours can change your outlook and your options.

The Mercury Hibberdene Children’s Holiday Home offers children the opportunity to meet, interact with, and learn from other children. This is reflected in the holiday camp programmes offered by the home which are designed to build confidence and encourage co-operation and mutual understanding between the children – irrespective of their background, race, or religion.

  1. Setting a positive example: When you give to others, you set a great example for others to follow. Through charitable work, you can inspire someone to do better or to give of themselves where they can, rather than focusing on their own situation.

We rely on donations from companies and individuals to give indigent children a special experience for a few precious days every year. In the words of Chairman, Julie Ramseier, “Support of the home has always been amazingly generous for which we are all grateful.” Beyond giving these underprivileged children the opportunity to enjoy a seaside holiday, experiences like these give them examples to look up to – sponsors, staff, educators, all individuals who are great models for children who may not always have such examples in their lives.